Monday, November 10, 2014

One Day No Sugar Challenge

We're getting real here.  I made it an entire month with no bread and no sugar.  I didn't even eat potatoes unless it was my only vegetable option.  You would think that the sugar habit would be kicked after one month.  You'd be wrong.

My month ended on October 31st.  So on November 1st, I decided to reward myself with a single piece of Halloween candy.  Just one, and it was a favorite:  Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkin.  Oh man, those are good!  But that single piece tasted so good that I gradually ate more sweets the rest of the week.  I am back to having good days and bad days.  And honestly, I am having trouble resisting the sugar urges at this point.  Sugar is so addictive!

I should be proud of my accomplishment, but I tend to focus on my downfall.  That is my big problem.  I have this perfectionist side of me that likes to point out everywhere that I have failed.  Take soda, for example.  In mid-June, I weaned myself off soda.  I told myself that I wouldn't drink any more Dr. Peppers or Diet Cokes.  In reality, I have had one or two a month since (except last month with the no sugar thing when I honestly had no soda.  Go me!).   The rational side of my brain knows that I should celebrate the fact that I went from 1/day to 1 or 2/month.  That's awesome!  But the perfectionist side of my brain says, "You failed."  And I listen.  And then I drown my sorrows in crap that I shouldn't eat.

I need help.  I need to know I'm not alone.  I need community.  So I am going to start issuing challenges.  Challenges to go a certain period of time without a certain food item.  Challenges to choose one thing to give up.  Challenges to get more active, etc.

We're going to start easy.  This first challenge is going to be a one day challenge.  One day of no sugar.  Start this tomorrow or finish today, I don't care.  But go one day of no processed sugar.  If it is going to be hard for you, make sure you've got fruit handy.  I heard a trainer at the gym one time say that if you think you want something sweet, eat a banana.  Then wait 5-10 minutes to see if you are still craving something sweet.  If that fails, chew some gum.  Preferably something minty that would ruin the taste of whatever you think you want to eat.

Will you join me?

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